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About Us

Restoration Pregnancy Resource Center offers life-affirming services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We are passionate about helping women experience healthy pregnancies and we offer a myriad of support services to those who are making the journey into motherhood.

Restoration Pregnancy Resource Center (Restoration PRC) was established as a 501(c)3 organization in 1986 when its founder, a merciful and compassionate woman, embraced her calling to provide support for women encountering overwhelming challenges as they faced unplanned pregnancy. Today, we are the largest pregnancy resource center in a four-parish area, serving over 350 expectant mothers annually. We are grateful to have served the women, children and families in our community with the numerous services we provide.

Restoration PRC provides maternal health support to anyone who requests our services. We offer pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, options consultation, and pre-natal education, all provided by registered nurses. Peer support and material assistance is available. Additionally, Restoration PRC is a Medicaid application site, offers a high school equivalency program, parenting education, and group and/or individual emotional support sessions. All services are provided free of charge regardless of income.

Over the past four years, over 1,800 women have sought assistance at our Center, 1497 pregnancy tests were given, and 863 ultrasounds were performed. We average 84 non-unique visits each month as clients participate in classes or return for follow-up visits. Our clients respond well to the individual attentiveness we provide and are appreciative of the personal connection we attempt to develop. We endeavor to open doors of opportunity for the client to share concerns or ask questions. Our peer counselors and nursing staff are equipped to respond with sound educational resources.

Restoration House is honored to receive approximately 80% of its support directly from our community. We are enormously grateful for the passionate endorsement of local friends, businesses, and churches as we serve the needs of local women, children, and families. Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to visit and tour our Center anytime!


Tel: 985-542-0492

Fax: 985-346-3643


Mon - Tues - Wed 9 am - 2:30

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