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When volunteer groups come in, Restoration House usually has a list of maintenance or baby closet activities for groups to perform. We will also break up the groups to do other assignments in the office or around the building as needed. When we need specific help like painting a room or preparing for an event, volunteer groups really come in handy!

A Baby Closet Helper can come in regularly or sporadically depending on their personal-weekly schedule; however, we are in need of a regular volunteer who can commit a consistent time to helping. The Baby Closet Helper will help sort through and clean donated items and clothes. They will help put together our client’s 1 st-4 th visit gift bags/baskets. The baby closet needs to be constantly organized and orderly, as hundreds of donated items come in and out every week.  

 Our Client Advocates usually come in at least one day a week. They build relationships with the clients and get to know their specific situations and suggest to Restoration House how we can best serve them. The C.A. sits in the room as the nurse talks to the client and makes sure the client is comfortable. They pray with the client and talk with the client about the client’s life and needs.
Client Advocate
A volunteer doing office support can come in regularly or sporadically depending on their personal-weekly schedule. Restoration House generally always has paperwork, organizing, and cleaning that needs to be done. Filing, packing envelopes, folding brochures, writing notes, decluttering, cleaning, rearranging, and helping with upcoming events are a few of the regular activities of an office support volunteer.
Office Support
Baby Closet Helper

We appreciate all the volunteer support we receive and honestly could not function without the constant care from our volunteers. If you are interested in one or multiple position please contact us, we would love to discuss it with you!

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